Miami Children’s Hospital 5K Experience

Here are a few of my snapshots of the 5K that the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation        (@MCH_Foundation) used during the live coverage of the event.

Volunteering at the Miami Children’s Hospital 5K with the Public Relations Experience Program at UM was amazing! I’m inspired to keep attending these great community events and chronicle the people there, why they invest in the cause and sharing their stories.

There were a lot of teams just like Harrison’s Hearty Helpers who returned to give back to the hospital that saved their child’s life.

It was touching looking at the various booths there to support the cause- MCH’s own Radio Lollipop honored children in the hospital who decorated name tags for people who were going to walk or run.

Overall it was just a moving and uplifting experience that made me realize how simply capturing these moments and bringing them to social media can help make people aware about an organization and all the ways it makes an impact throughout the community.