Keeping Miami’s film scene indie

Miami’s independent film scene is flourishing, even as hundreds of arthouse cinemas close around the country. The city is home to seven independent cinemas, most of which have opened in the last four… Continue reading

Supercon celebrates Miami’s film geeks

South Florida is flourishing with filmmakers telling Miami’s stories with a local perspective, from the Miami Film Festival, to the monthly screenings at Indie Film Club Miami, to the Miami Short Film Festival. Kurt Donath, director of the… Continue reading

Collin Worth: Living the Bike Life

As the City of Miami’s first bicycle coordinator, Collin Worth is determined to make Miami a more livable city, one mode of transportation at a time. “We have a lot of problems with the… Continue reading

Keeping Miami Beach above water

Facing the constant drumbeat of fear and pessimism over Miami’s future as it struggles against the oncoming impacts of climate change and sea level rise, Elizabeth Wheaton sees nothing but opportunity. As the… Continue reading

Ask Abuela: What should I do with all these mangos?

Summertime is mango season in Miami, and that means we’re all whipping out our blenders to make batidos. It’s the time of year when the mango becomes a form of currency and a… Continue reading

Hurricane season is here. Here’s how to prepare

Hot, humid Florida experiences only one season year round – summer. Though Floridians don’t get to enjoy the crisp, cool fall weather or the magical wonderland that is winter, one season is inevitable… Continue reading

Herrera Bares Soul in Cookie’s Kid

  While few like to talk about the mix of warmth, confusion, love and turmoil that can be found in families, choreographer and performer Rosie Herrera bared that complex relationship onstage in her first… Continue reading

10 Miami spots where you can act like a tourist

When friends and family heard you were going to college in Miami, they probably thought you were going to major in partying on South Beach with a minor in tanning. While you’ve probably… Continue reading

Famous Faces: President Donna E. Shalala brings distinguished speakers to campus

By Ashley Martinez and Emily Dabau Throughout her tenure, President Donna E. Shalala has sought to expose the university community to a wide range of high-profile guest speakers. Here are some of the… Continue reading