Senior Honors Thesis

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Exceptional Theater Company

The Exceptional Theater Company Strategic Communication Audit

 The Exceptional Theater Company (ETC) has served the South Florida community and special needs population for 24 years. As an organization, it includes 13 classes with more than 200 special needs performers. Despite its size, however, it is relatively unknown in the community.

This thesis attempts to understand its communication strengths and weaknesses and create a strategic plan to improve ETC’s communication with its internal and external audiences. 

The secondary research and evaluation of ETC’s current social media and communication practices are used to create and implement an overarching communication strategy, including raising brand awareness through traditional and social media tactics and attracting more volunteers and special needs performers to its programs.

 The plan details the primary themes and messages to be used in communication with local media outlets, ETC’s established internal audience and the greater South Florida community. It also outlines ways to organize its communication efforts internally, how to manage its social media platforms and raise awareness through public appearances.

Exceptional Theater Company